Private Security Guard Needed in USA


A security watch in Augusta, Georgia watches and screens structures and different territories to forestall or stop episodes, for example, robbery or brutality. Security watches are capable to answer cautions, and may catch or keep people who represent a danger to security. A private security protect gives wellbeing to their managers by guarding against infringement of the law. A security gatekeeper may likewise screen individuals as they enter and leave the structure or perform secure exercises, for example, dealing with money. In a portable security position, the private watchmen may watch and screen in autos or on foot.


Secures premises and staff by watching property; checking reconnaissance gear; examining structures, hardware, and passageways; allowing section. Acquires help by sounding alarms.

Desired Skills:

  • High school certificate or its equivalent
  • Document, typically every day, the exercises, including unsettling influences, that happened. Customers at that point utilize the reports to evaluate potential harm from the disturbance.
  • Ensure alert frameworks, entryways, and windows are generally secure and appropriately working
  • May talk with witnesses as well as affirm in court
  • Communicate intimately with law requirement, local groups of fire-fighters, and crisis therapeutic personnel
  • Patrol and assess property to shield it from fire, robbery, vandalism, or other criminal activities

Educational Requirements:

  • High school certificate or its equivalent.

Experience Requirements:

  • No experience necessary.


  • Be ready to impart successfully orally and in writing
  • Be ready to think rapidly and critically
  • Be aware of client and open service
  • Exercise decision making ability in possibly hazardous situations
  • Have information on open wellbeing and security
  • Possess information on the laws and guidelines that oversee the security field
  • Be legitimately permitted to convey a handgun, if the position requires utilization of a firearm
  • Work well freely and with others



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